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ACC SideSHOW Starring Ryan Hicks

American Comedy Co.

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The ACC SideSHOW Features Up-and-Coming Break-Out Artists + San Diego's Best Comedians!

SHOWTIME: Thursday, March 9th at 8pm!

ACC SideSHOW Starring Ryan Hicks w/James Schrader!

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American Comedy Co. presents the ACC Sideshow Starring Ryan Hicks!


From his days as a visual artist, theatre actor and touring musician to his time working as a collegiate educator, he has spent his entire life in the creative arts.

He was born and raised in Texas where, at a young age, he began drawing and painting, writing stories and poetry, composing and performing music, and singing and acting in local theatre. After several years of traveling and multiple creative endeavors, he moved to California where he continued to write while attending college as an English major with an emphasis on film and creative writing. Throughout his studies, he finished a novel and several scripts, worked as a teacher's assistant, tutor and office administrator, made a documentary for a grant, and upon graduating Magna Cum Laude with honors and distinction in the major, began stand up comedy.

He is now a regular at the American Comedy Company.