Break-Out Artist Series w/Brandon Wardell

Break-Out Artist Series w/Brandon Wardell


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SHOWTIME: Thursday, September 29th at 8pm! *Service fees waived for a limited time!

Also performing: Jimmy Callaway + Dan Venti + Ryan Hicks!

Brandon Wardell is a comedian/writer/actor/fake DJ/voice of a generation/fashion icon. Brandon Wardell started doing stand-up comedy in DC at 17, did it for 4 years, then moved to LA in 2014.

Brandon Wardell has appeared on Comedy Central’s “@midnight,” “The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail,” and “Adam Devine’s House Party” and VICELAND’s “Flophouse,” directed by Lance Bangs. Brandon Wardell hosts “Hot Takes with Brandon Wardell” on Comedy Central’s Snapchat Discover channel. Brandon Wardell wore the OVO sweatsuit Drake wore in Rihanna’s “Work” video to the MTV Movie Awards. Brandon Wardell is verified on Twitter and Instagram. Brandon Wardell has had sex multiple times.

Brandon Wardell is featured on Bob Odenkirk’s stand-up comedy album, “Amateur Hour,” and the two later went on tour. Brandon Wardell also went on select tour dates on Bo Burnham’s Make Happy Tour.

In addition to stand-up, Brandon Wardell has written popular pieces for VICE (ex. “Brandon Wardell’s Guide To Sex With Millennials”) and Four Pins (ex. “The Guide To Leading An Uber Exclusive Existence”).

Brandon Wardell fake DJs sometimes under the name “Teen Party”.

Brandon Wardell designed a shirt with Robesman and it sold out.



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