Day Mic Comedy Workshop


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SHOWTIME: Every Saturday at 1:00pm! Open to the public.

Ages 18 & up + no cover + no item minimum + free pizza & pop (soda & coffee)!*

*Kitchen and bar are closed during Day Mic, but complimentary pizza and pop will be offered.

Let’s face it: Most days in San Diego are just too damn nice. So escape the beautiful San Diego sunshine and tell jokes to friends in a basement! Every single Saturday, the ACC Day Mic offers new and experienced comedians a chance to work on their craft and to hate themselves during the daylight hours. 

Sign-ups begin at 12:30, and using our patented Show Up, Go Up technology, every single performer is guaranteed five minutes of stage time in front of a jury of their peers. That’s right, there’s no audience there to distract you! Just your fellow comics, who are also eager and willing to tell you their opinions during the Feedback Segment immediately following your set! It’s the perfect opportunity to hone your craft, get feedback from other comics, and question your own life goals!

Plus, free coffee and soda, unlimited restroom visits, and completely unfettered access to the exit! The Day Mic: Because you’re committed to the bit.