Spit-Take Comedy Show

Spit-Take Comedy Show


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SHOWTIME: Wednesday, August 23rd at 8pm!

ADMISSION SPECIAL: Free Show | Ages 18+

BOOZE SPECIAL: 5ive Dollar Happy Hour!

When it comes to comedy shows, there are really good shows, really bad shows, and now the Spit Take Comedy Show. Do you enjoy high-quality comedy at low-quality prices? Do you want to hear jokes told by people who don’t think they’re better than you because they’ve been on television? Then come on down to the Spit Take Comedy Show and see 15 comics do 5 minutes of only their best material, one after another, while you pound down the cheapest drinks in town one after another. the Spit Take Comedy Show: Because there’s nothing else going on Wednesdays.

5ive Dollar Happy Hour Specials:

  1. $5 calls (Jack, Jameson, Tito's, Captain, Tanqueray, & Cazadores)!
  2. $5 draft pints (Stone IPA, Maui Bikini Blonde, Refuge Blood Orange Wit, & Pizza Port Chronic Amber Ale)!
  3. $5 off all bottles of wine + champagne!
  4. $5 off all mules + specialty cocktails!

This show features up-and-coming break-out artists + San Diego's best comedians!